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High-Quality Services We Offer

Experience the Customer Service You Deserve

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Oceanfront Specialist

Oceanfront properties require an experienced and hands-on approach to handling the harsh winds and salt accumulation, ensuring everything is balanced, happy, and healthy.  


If your property has tight or restricted driveway access, no problem! We offer "trailerless" maintenance service option to avoid interfering with your day-to-day property access.

Estate Maintenance Services

Whether your estate needs just one property visit or multiple property visits per week, we can accommodate your property service level of needs. We then will implement our estate maintenance plan specifically for your property, like clockwork throughout each season.


Weekly Property Services

 We know you are busy, and you need a team with experience and someone you can trust to help take care of your property the way it should so you don't have to.

We understand your expectations and preferred level of service, whether you have traditional, modern, or coastal waterfront property.


Pool and Patio Saftey with Blending Natural Turf and Artifical Turf

With the increased use of artificial turf and the blending of both nautral turf grass typically around pool and patio areas.  If prefered, we take the additional time to use hand shears, trimming carefully between the natural grass and the metal edgin found in most artificial turf. This is done for safety when people walking around barefoot in these areas. 

Pruning Bougainvilleas

Selective hand pruning with sharp shear and feeding the plants quality nutrients are essential for the strongest flower bloom cycles. This attention givin weekly is best for highest desired detail.


Reel Cutting Short Turf Grass

Turf Grass Specialty Services

Paspalum, Zoysia, and Bermuda.

Taking care of short turf with excellence takes a detailed eye and experience. It makes all the difference when cut correctly and with a quality reel mower. But the key to a healthy and best-looking short turf grass lawn is a healthy root system and soil underground.


The good news is that we have all the suitable machines and years of experience making unhealthy turf grass healthy and lush again.


  • Golf Course Grass Cutting

  • Lab Tested Soil Samplings 

  • Turf Cultural Practices

  • Dethatching

  • Verticutting

  • Aeration

  • Topdressing

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Detailed Shrub Trimming

Greater attention to detail and straight hedges matter when trimming. 

We understand how frustrating it can be to still have crooked shrubs after you just hired someone.

Hand Shear Trimming

For the absolute best clean and crisp results, sharp hand shear trimming is the only way to do it and we love hand shear trimming!  


Takes more time, but the results are unmachted.

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Irrigation Monitoring & Management

Turf Grass Water Management with Ground Readings. We take digital moisture readings of turf grass and soil to get the percentage of hydration to make decisions on what adjustments are needed for the best plant and grass health care.

We will also make adjustments based on the upcoming weather for the next 7-14 days intervals specific to your lawn and plant conditions.

Flowers, Plantings, Mulch and More...

Fresh mulch and soil makes for healthy fresh flowers and happy plants. We can also provide landscape designs

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Oceanfront and Coastal Properties Specific Maintenance

Only available in our Diamond and Platinum packages.

  • Window Cleaning: Weekly, Bi Weekly or Monthly

  • Patio Washing

  • Proactive and Preventative Maintenance

  • Tropical Storm and Hurricane Preparation

  • Post Storm Prioritization

Certified Arborists Tree Trimming

We coordinate with insured professional certified arborists to take care of all of your tree trimming needs.

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State Licensed Plant Care Program

We coordinate and connect our clients with quality lawn and shrub plant care programs.  This is vital for your lawn and landscape's health and protection.  


Because of their detailed approach and constent communication we only use and recommend Vigilant Lawn + Pest for our clients.

We can set up a quote and service for you with our programs. Or you can call direct 561.516.4456 

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